Commitment to Sustainability

We help our customers bring sustainability to their business, so that they have the
foundation for future success. We are, ourselves, committed to sustainability in our actions
to ensure we operate in a responsible and sustainable way.

Skill Development

We want to be the utmost professionals in our field, so proactively developing our skills is
one of our core principles. For example, we encourage every one of our experts and
partners to complete a CBM training program. This enables us to better understand and
support our clients’ business.

Business Development

We develop our services and operating models to make them as efficient as possible without
compromising effectiveness. As our service pledge is to create concrete outputs, we interact
closely with our clients. This way we can deliver on our promise.

Sustainability Communication

Internal and external sustainability communication is one of our core competences. We keep
our customers, partners and stakeholders constantly and actively informed about how we
improve sustainability in business and society.


To verify our success in sustainability efforts, we have been audited by an external body. As
proof of this, we have been awarded the Biosphere and Good Travel Seal sustainability certificates. We will keep
developing our activities according to the plan we made for the audit.

Continuous Improvements

We actively respond to the society around us and to the rising standards of sustainability. As
of 2024, we will require our partners to be committed to improving their sustainability


We work daily with Visit Finland, Visit Rovaniemi, other regional tourism organisations and
certifying organisations (e.g. Green Key). We are also part of the official network of Visit
Finland Academy’s coaches for the Sustainable Travel Finland training.

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